Paul and I, we’ve been lawfully married for 10 years. To others, that’s epic. Ten amazing years of devoting ourselves to one another. Ten fruitful years of building a family. Ten memorable years as life partners. We’ve stuck it out through the best and the worst times. To most people, we had a strong marriage. What most people don’t know is that there was a void in our relationship —a void we couldn’t explain.

Every time our closest friends ask us whether we still plan to do a church wedding, we’d always say “yes”, but when we were pressed with the question “when?”, we always found ourselves with an indefinite answer. Expenses then come to mind, and immediately we feel intimidated because planning for a wedding can take a toll on our finances. When we think about our priorities, we become so overwhelmed by our responsibilities, so we always end up setting our church wedding plans aside.

But Jesus saw we wanted Him in. He saw our pure desire to be blessed by Him and receive the sacrament of matrimony. And because He is ever merciful, He presented to us the possibility of a simple mass wedding organised by our BCBP Cebu Northeast family.

Initially, we didn’t recognise it was Jesus knocking on our hearts. We held on to our ideals, how we wanted our wedding to transpire. We didn’t want a lavish wedding, but we wanted to see our family and closest friends there to celebrate with us. We were so caught up with what we wanted instead of asking Jesus what His plan was for us.

But Jesus never gave up on us. He sent a dear friend to tell us that church weddings are about Him and not about us –that we should come to Him in all humility and set pride aside; that in a moment so sacred, He only needs our pure hearts and our willingness to pursue Him; that He is calling us to put ourselves into deeper waters and to fully trust in His plan; and that He will provide and make a way for us.

Exactly three weeks ago, Paul and I walked down the aisle. And for the first time in our lives, we felt truly united, truly bound as one.

True to His promise, Christ took care of everything. From the church requirements to the reception, He took care of it all. We didn’t have to worry about anything. We didn’t have to spend for anything. Paul just used his old barong tagalog, while I just wore a simple white dress which I already owned. All we had to do was to show up with open hearts. All He wanted was for us to focus on Him and let Him be God.

We figured that Christ was the missing piece in our marriage, and that void was there because we hadn’t allowed Christ to fill it up.

We realised that the happiness we felt during our first ten years together was nothing compared to the happiness we have felt during that very moment when our union was blessed by our Heavenly Father.

We realised that Christ is the only one who can satisfy our longings, and if we just took the time to empty ourselves, He will fill us with grace and wonder. If we just surrender everything upon Him, He will show us how amazing our lives can turn out.

On the day of our church wedding, Christ completed us. He renewed our hearts and made us one. He delivered us from sin and redirected our lost hearts to a path He so desired for us. We didn’t deserve any of it, but He did it all for us simply because He is LOVE.

Note: This post was originally written three weeks after our church wedding day and posted on a website I previously owned. Reposting this today, on our 1st church wedding anniversary, to let the world know of the glorious and victorious work of Christ in our marriage.


Permission granted by: Adelaide Bacolod